'Hi Robert.

We took you up on your invitation to take a look at your site,
and were very impressed by what we saw.
Congratulations on being awarded the Medaille d'Or for it!

Once again, well done.'

Ken & Maureen Lussey
Medaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence

{short description of image}

Terrific pages. Great Design.
Wonderful contribution to the World Wide Web.
I am much impressed.
I am awarding your site the Cyber Excellence Award.

Ernest Slyman

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{short description of image}

Your Page is AWESOME. Keep it up.

You deserve this award.

'Aloha Robert!

We have the privilege of honoring you
with our No Ka Oi Award
Congratulations, on such a beautiful site.
Your photographs are outstanding!
Keep up the great work and keep flashing away :)'
(NO KA OI translates THE BEST)

Ed and Marge


You have won the Electrifying Web Site Award.

I enjoyed my visit to your web site very much.
It makes me want to come back for a visit.
I very much enjoyed your photographs, they were wonderful.
You have done a great job putting your site together.
You have earned your award and the admiration of your peers.

All the best.'



I am so proud to announce that you have won Deneika's Elite Award!
Your pages are absolutely outstanding,
the kind of place that I will visit again and again!
Your photography is absolutely beautiful,
you are a very talented artist!
Please keep up the great work

Deneika :o)

'Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Sie sind einer von 10 Gewinnern des FWM Award für sehr gute Homepages.
Sie wurden aus 257 Teilnehmern ausgewählt von einer 3 Mann-Jury
(Bernhard Teuser, Falk W.Müller, Markus Scheibe)
und können somit stolz auf Ihre Seite und sich sein!'

Falk W.Müller
FWM Solutions Development

'You've been branded with approval by the S.S.Studio!

Ann and Stan


Your website has been choosen for the " 5 Stars Award"!

Given for *EXCELLENCE* within your pages.
Very good graphic and many good links too.'

Good luck with your work!!!

Heiko Witte

'Rob, you have a wonderful page!
I'd like to give you my award,so here it is!'

Dragonfly Dream

'Hi Robert, I am at your site and I would like
to tell you that you have a mindblowing site too!
I'd like to tell you that you may take your choice of my awards!'


'Your web site is professional and beautiful.
It has excellent use of frames and unique content.
Congratulations on a terrific web site!
Best wishes,'


You have won the Widow's Web Award!
This award is for integrity and honesty in your web design.
I am pleased to give you My Special Widow's Web Award.
Congratulations your pages are excellent.'

Mary :)

'You won the Now! Award!!!!!'


'You´ve got it!!!
You´ve won with your great homepage our CyberM Award in silver! '

chiya & Walker

'I am pleased to inform you that
Good job!
Be honorable to each other.'

Oluwole. Mayor of God's Country.

'Thanks for nominating your page for our award,

we are glad you did. We'd like to give you the award.'

Ygor and Ingvar


You've won the Cyberpie Heavenly Page Award.

Your photography is absolutely breathtaking and deserving
of any and all awards available on the web and elsewhere.
I would also like to see your portfolio of photography expanded,
as you are extremely gifted and I doubt there is finer photography
to be found anywhere on the web. :) '

Elaine M. Jordaan


Your Web site has been selected to receive the Horizon Award.
The Horizon Award is presented to Web site's that are visually pleasing,
with content that is interesting, and created with care and forethought.
Your Web site meets this criteria and we are pleased to present the award to you.
Again Congratulations!'

Daryl Stogner

'Robert, I really enjoyed browsing your site.
I love all that is artful and you certainly did a fine job with your pages.
Hugs, for participating in my dungeon!'

Allison (a/k/a Mighty Grapholina)

'Receiver of a HHH-Award for an exceptional page on the Web.'

Heinrich Schwella


I've seen your page.And here we go !!
You will get it right now.
We will visit your page next year again.'


'Dear Robert,
I visited your page and am very pleased to present you with the
"Daughters of the Wolf Elegance Award".



Your site has been elected by
to be the an

Roderik Valcke

'Hallo Robert,
ich habe mal wieder Deine Seiten besucht
und bin von den fotografischen Inhalten begeistert :-)
Daher verleihe ich Dir hiermit meinen Photo'n'Fun Award,
die Auszeichnung fuer Seiten, die erstklassige Fotografie
und/oder Spass beinhalten.
(Ich vergebe den Award sehr sparsam.)'



You are a winner of the Elite of the Web Award!
You have created a wonderful site :) '

Hilde Mari


you have won the Reality Award.
This means that you have a page with some cool graphx,
interesting links, and that the site looks great all together.'


'Hi Robert!.

I would like to bestow the Stairways Award upon you and your pages.
You have a wonderful photographic eye.
Thank you for sharing your work.
Peace and happy holidays,'



you have won the sheila award.
Thanks for submitting, well done page and beautiful pictures,

your page wins hands down.'

Sheila and Fernando

'You won the M@RK @W@RD!'



your site has won the Lucky Black Cat's 5 Star Award for an excellent site....

Your photography is fantastic and was a real treat to see....'

Lucky, Baby and Susan


You are the latest winner of fischauge award.'

Thanks and congrats,'



you have won the first place award in
Alice's Kewl Site Award Contest for your homepage.
You worked very hard and you deserve this award.

Alice Peng


you have won the Cool Site Award!
This means that you have a page with some cool graphx,
interesting links, and that the site looks great all together.


'Cool! Congratulations!

You have certainly earned it!!!
Keep it up!'


'Congratulations, you scored 88 points!

Since your site scored over 80 points you can consider yourself in the

Since your score exceeded 80 points you have been chosen to fly the


- Steve Deckert
- Nathon Johansesburge

This Web site has been awarded the
Who's Cool in America & Who's Cool International Award

granted to this web site by


'This is the most beautyful site I have seen.
Congratulations with the best international award'

Laila from Oslo, Norway

'Congratulations your site has been selected
to receive Patty's Place Award of Excellence'

Patty's Place

The 'Magic Storm Award' has been given to this site by
slg's NetWorld

Vielen Dank Stefan!

The 'top site' award also has been given to this site by
slg's NetWorld

'Great site Robert. Dynamite photography.
It's a pleasure giving you this award.

John Hoita, U.I.S.

'Congratulations Robert,
Your website has been approved for the 'Elite Touch of Class' award.
Presented to sites for the 'Class Act Of Excellence' within their pages.
*Gorgeous Website*'


'Dear Robert. Congratulations!
I am very proud to present the "Orchid Award for Page Excellence" award to
you in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page.'


'Your web page is excellent!
I enjoyed your photographs very much.
So I'm granting you the Raven Dance Award.
Great Job! Keep it up!'

Raven Dance

'Hi!!! Congratulations, you have won The Magical Site Award !!!
I checked out your page(s) (site) and really enjoyed myself.
Are all the Photograps made by you ? (YES)
I did a bit of picturing myself and was really impressed.
You did a great job. Keep it up.'

Ivor Verbon

'Excellent Robert,
You have received the Hat's Off Award.
Very Nice Indeed!!!
Wonderful Art!!!

Brad Bertram

'Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
Du hast den KLE Nett Award gewonnen!
Danke fuer Deine Bereicherung des Netzes- weiter so!


An Ace Awards 7 Star Site

A 'Stavanger 5 Star' awarded Site

A 'Mind's Eye' awarded Site

'Great photos deserve the "Golden Leaf" award.'

Ralph McLaughlin

'.....Talk about a mind blowing site!
Your photographs are awesome!
I think my favorite, if it's possible to pick a favorite from those wonderful photos,
was the sunset...BEAUTIFUL!!!
Please accept the Unique and Excellent Homepage award for your site.
You have a truly unique and excellent site!'


'Congratulations Robert!

Your page says have won MikenSharyi's homepage award!
Your page met our requirements by avoiding the pitfalls and...

This is how we rated your page:

Attractive and well-designed: Excellent
Creativity: Excellent
Legible text, spelling, grammar: Excellent
Use of innovative HTML code: Excellent
Contribution to the internet community: Excellent

It doesn't get any better than this!
You've earned the award and the admiration of your peers.'



Homepage of the weekend


I would like to give you the Rhyming Star award because I think
your Home Page is a beautiful form of poetry.

Your photography is breath-takingly beautiful....'

Fay Austin (RHYMESTER)

Gar award - hot site

'Your site won the high honor mention



Your site is excellent and it deserves to be awarded with
The Golden Grail'

Lars Erik Monsvik

'It is my pleasure to inform you that your Personal
Web Page has been award Kaptivations Web Designs

Mike Koplitz
Kaptivations Web Designs

'Your page is excellent and I enjoyed visiting it very much.
Please accept the Corona Vallaris Award to display on your site...
...Congratulations for creating an interesting and fun site, the Web needs more of these.'

John Campbell
Corona Vallaris

'Congratulations! Your web site has been selected as a winner of the
coveted Cornerstone Foundation Award for "Excellence in Entertainment".
No more than the top 2% of the total sites nominated will qualify to receive this honor.
This prestigious award was created to showcase and give recognition
to extraordinary sites thoughout the World Wide Web....'

Julie Kraus
Cornerstone Foundation

'Congratulations... You've just won the DXP Golden Link award.'


Congratulations! You have been awarded "The Lady's Passions Award of Honor".
Your true devotion to great design and the fact that you have struck on
one of the Lady's passions (the passion of the camera) have qualified you for this award.
I am very impressed with the lenghts you have gone to create a truly interesting, fun and impressive site.'


'Greetings and Congratulations!


The Quiet Revolution 5-Star Awards Committee has hand-
picked your site from among hundreds of submissions to be
presented with our prestigious award...

Your web site is very fascinating -- and that's exactly
what we like ... Creativity and New Ideas!'

The Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award Committee
Gil Bresnick

'Your page has won!!!!!
You recently tried out for my award and have won!!!'


'Your page has won an AWARD!

I travel the net looking for "World Class" site's, and you've been chosen!
I look for sites that are fresh and interesting, made by HTML artist's
with their own ideas, not copied :)'


Darkwing's InfoSpace - Award of Magnificence

'Congratulations on your fine work, you are the 7th person who won this award.'

Darwin Tat Wang Chan

Site awarded the Wings of Fantasy

'BEAUTIFUL... You know, every time I visit here, I'm impressed.
I created this award after my last trip here...
You really do deserve it for your wonderful eye that catches the world as is!'

Random MagicK
Fantasy Emporium


You have been selected as this weeks winner of the Cat's Back Alley
Award of Excellence! I loved your pages!'



We are pleased to announce
that you have won the Royal Home Page Award!
During the extensive and rigorous review of your Home Page
the panel decided unanimously that you were worthy of the Award!..'

The Northup's

'Nice site!

Your photographic links are a big help to the amateur photographer!
Keep up the good work, your site is definitely worthy of
"The Thorstad Family Award for Website Excellence!"

The Thorstad Family


You have been selected to receive the "King Of The Jungle" award
for outstanding excellence in your web page design of
"Robert's Photographic World" '

George's Jungle


We have reviewed your site and found that
you qualify for the Golden Banner Award.'

Bob Miner


It gives me great pleasure to present you with my "Web Site Excellence Award!"
I think your web site is outstanding! You should be "dad-gum" proud of yourself!
Please accept my very sincere congratulations for a job well done!'

Donna Hornung


You have been selected to receive
"The Phoenix Gate Award For Web Page Excellence" '

Mike S. - The Phoenix Gate


Your excellent site has been awarded the
Best Human Interest Sites on the World Wide Web Award.'
Please accept my very sincere congratulations for a job well done!'

Best Human Interest Sites


I am honored to offer you the awards from The Realm of TheGodess.....!!
I had a great time visiting!!! Thanks for the invite, and keep up the great work!



your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award".
Great job, good content and presentation and nice graphics plus easy to navigate.
A positive contribution to the Web.
A *very* nice site!! Good design, tasteful graphics and beautiful photos
plus your information is presented well and easy to access.'



You have just been awarded the Web Brain Award of Excellence...
A very nice site...great photography...thanks!

Michael Nuttall

'Hi Robert,

Your site is much more of a mindblower, your photographs are gorgeous. Really.
My husband worked as a professional photographer years ago.
I was impressed on how fast the images loaded, it did not take long at all.
Yes, you deserve our Enchantment Award.
It's nice to hear from folks in different lands, thanks for stopping by.
Warm Wishes,'

Wanda Sudrala
Heart of the Earth



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